Pasta salad with Swiss chard pesto

Today I am posting a cold pasta salad. This recipe is perfect for the warmer months to come and it makes large use of Swiss chard in its pesto, so it is perfect for those of you who receive a CSA box and are overwhelmed by leafy spring greens.

I spent the last weekend at a friend’s place in California. I had a work commitment there and it was a good chance of catching up. When she asked me to help her create a dish for a family visit that made good use of some of the many greens she had in the fridge I started thinking about one of my mom’s quiches made with spinach, tuna and black olives.

Pasta salad with Swiss chard pestoSince we needed to make food for 10 people, I thought a pasta would be much easier to make in large quantities. Also, making a pesto would allow using a bunch of Swiss chard that was still delicious, but looked a bit battered. Adding tuna and olives would recreate much of the flavor profile of the quiche and the tomato would add freshness and texture.

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Pepper and Munster cheese muffins

This month for SRC I was assigned to Kate of Food Babbles. Kate has a great and very succesful blog, with plenty of interesting recipes like champagne bread, siracha fudge popsicles and horseradish mac and cheese as long as plenty of cookies, muffins, cakes and other baked deliciousness. I was spoiled with choice. I ended up going for rosemary asiago muffins.

Pepper and Munster cheese muffins


I decided to change the flavoring a tiny bit and instead of rosemary and asiago I used pepper and munster. For the rest, I only cut the recipe in half because I live all alone and cannot eat all the muffins by myself. And given how good they are I would totally eat them all!

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Red wine poached pears with yogurt and pumpkin seeds

Today just a quick recipe, that can work as a dessert, breakfast or afternoon snack: yogurt with red wine poached pears and pumpkin seeds.


I made it a couple of weeks ago with a pear that was past its primes, some leftover wine and warming spices like cinnamon and pepper. It turned out comforting but not too sweet. Perfect for ending a meal or having breakfast on (don’t worry: wine evaporates so that the pears are not alcoholic).

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Spicy Mediterranean yogurt dip

I’m posting late today. I’ve just been too busy with going back and forth from Minneapolis and enjoying the beautiful sights on I94…  So, yesterday after getting home form Minneapolis, I was invited to a poker game (that I lost with a run to a flush), and I figured I could whip together a quick dip to munch on during or before the game.

Spicy Mediterranean yogurt dip

I mixed up a Mediterranean flavored dip with sundried tomatoes, capers and olives and a little chili paste to amp up the flavor. It looked like it was really appreciated! And it is very easy and quick to make. I suggest you give it a try for your next party!

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Mediterranean sea bass with tomatoes and potatoes

Today is a fish recipe. I don’t eat fish much, but when I walked into WF and found Mediterranean sea bass on offer, I just had to get some.

Sea bass with potatoes and tomatoes

I cooked it very simply with tomatoes, potatoes and a bit of olives, capers and anchovies to kick up the flavor.

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