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Pear and Blue Cheese risotto

I love blue cheese and especially in winter I would regularly crave its sharp flavor, so I try to come up with new excuses pairings to enjoy my cheese. The other day I decided to make a risotto with blue … Continue reading

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Home-made pie and quiche crust

The other day, I decided to make some pasta brise’. It is essentially a salty pie crust which is the base for quiches and I forgot how easy it is to make and store! Making your dough is super easy … Continue reading

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My Goulash

This weekend it snowed. And it snowed. And it snowed. And it was probably 3 feet of snow. And now is cold, really cold like 0F around midday. So yesterday evening we decided to make a stew, one of those … Continue reading

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Almost vegetarian and almost vegan

I decided to add the category almost vegetarian and almost vegan to my labels, because some of the dish I cook are vegetarian or vegan if it was not for 1 ingredient. When that 1 ingredient can be, easily and … Continue reading

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Bean Soup

Yesterday it was cold and snowy and we wanted to eat something comforting and rich like a meat stew, but we didn’t really want to eat more meat. So what could we cook? I looked in the pantry and I … Continue reading

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