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Eggplant quiche

A friend came and visited while I was in Italy and she kept asking me for the recipe of an eggplant pie my mom made for her. Finally, I oblige and let her have the famous recipe. Hopefully she won’t … Continue reading

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My first oyster and shitake mushrooms

So in my attempt to put together a Chines style dinner (see bok choy recipe) I tried myself also at cooking oyster and shitake mushrooms. As I said previously I am lost in front of the various Asian spices and sauces, and … Continue reading

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An attempt to Chinese style bok choy

OK, so I am Italian and I don’t really know how to cook anything but Italian food. That doesn’t mean I am not at least trying and experimenting with various types of food. Now some food is easier for me … Continue reading

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Oven roasted chicken

I have been trying to master the art of roasting a chicken for some time and even if I cannot say I got it down, I am getting better at it. Yesterday my chicken was pretty darn good, not perfect … Continue reading

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Radicchio roll

Merry Christmas! (well I was supposed to publish this around Christmas day, but somehow I got sidetracked until now….) For Christmas I cooked this roll of pasta with radicchio and ricotta, super yummy and not as complicated as it might … Continue reading

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