An attempt to Chinese style bok choy

OK, so I am Italian and I don’t really know how to cook anything but Italian food. That doesn’t mean I am not at least trying and experimenting with various types of food. Now some food is easier for me because I know the ingredients rather well (Spanish, American, German and to some extent even the different South american dishes). After all the basic ingredients are pretty much the same as the ones in ItalianĀ cuisine, but when it comes to Asian food… well there I am lost in the spices, the different types of noodle, the sauces, the different oils and vinegars. Anyway, I try. After all, practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?

An attempt to Chinese style bok choy


  • bok choy or other leafy vegetables
  • chili flakes
  • soy sauce
  • oyster sauce


  1. First I cut the bok choy and washed it to get rid of the dirt. Then I put my wok on the stove and when it was very hot I added some vegetable oil, when the oil was very hot I added quite a bit of chili flakes ( I though I might have exaggerated because inhaling the steam caused my eyes to tear, but turns out I was about right). Then added a teaspoon of oyster sauce and some soy sauce and finally added in the bok choy. I let the whole thing cook down until the bok choy where nice and tender and served it with a tilapia I had previously steamed over the wok and dressed in hot oil, ginger and soy.
  2. The bok choy turned out pretty good, spicy but not too much, tender and in general really nice. I am not sure that is the kosher way of cooking it, but I was really happy with the result. Now if anyone has suggestions for me I am happy to hear them. I would be happy to cook something that would not be frowned upon by purists of Chinese cuisine!

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  1. Pen says:

    I got some bok choy in my community basket this weekend and didn’t know what to do with it yet. Thanks, I’m going to try this recipe tonight!

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