My first oyster and shitake mushrooms

So in my attempt to put together a Chines style dinner (see bok choy recipe) I tried myself also at cooking oyster and shitake mushrooms. As I said previously I am lost in front of the various Asian spices and sauces, and more in general ingredients, so I end up buying some basic ingredient, like soy sauce, and substitute the other ingredients with whatever I think could work. The result is often good, even if not exactly kosher….

My first oyster and shitake mushrooms


  • Oyster and Shitake mushrooms


  1. So I tried my hand at mushrooms. I started from heating up the wok and adding in some vegetable oil when the wok was hot, then I added the mushrooms (shitake and oyster in my case, but given that I don't know anything about Chinese ingredients I could have added any kind of mushroom). Here I started to get creative and I added some passito (italian sweet dessert wine) as well as a bit of water so that the mushroom could cook easier. After a bit I added a splash of balsamic vinegar and a bit of soy sauce. Another bit of water, because the liquid had all evaporated, and I let everything cook for about 10 minutes, covering the wok so that the steam would not evaporate too fast. Served them up as a side.

Now I am sure I made some fatal mistake, like oyster mushrooms maybe should not be cooked this way or I should have cooked everything faster or slower, and I am well aware that passito and balsamic vinegar are not ingredients that are likely to be used in Beijing households, but the whole thing turned out surprisingly well. To me it wasn’t too distant from what you find in restaurants over here, and definitely better than a lot of take outs. However, if someone has suggestions on how to improve my dish I would be happy to hear: when it comes to non Italian cooking I am pretty much blindly putting stuff together trying to imitate flavors I tasted in (possibly not so authentic) restaurants, so help is more than welcome!

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