Simple butternut squash ravioli

I finally got around to use the half butternut squash that has been in my fridge for the past month or so. I decided to make some ravioli. Last time i did pasta I found it easier than I remembered so I give it a try and tried again. And it actually ended up being pretty fast. It took me about 40 min to do the ravioli which is not that bad.
This recipe is called “simple butternut squash ravioli” because I didn’t use the traditional recipes that includes mostrada and amaretti. Theoretically the addition of those two ingredients is fundamental to get real “tortelli di zucca”, but they are quite difficult to find over here, so this time I tried this version with no mostarda or amaretti, and have to say they turn out pretty well anyway!

Simple butternut squash ravioli

Prep Time: 1 hour

Yield: 2 Servings


  • Filling
  • -half butternut squash
  • -2 oz. parmesan
  • -sage
  • -nutmeg
  • -pepper
  • -salt
  • Pasta
  • -3.5 oz. flour
  • -1 egg
  • -1 spoon EVOO
  • -salt
  • Sauce
  • -butter
  • -sage
  • -grated parmesan
  • -garlic (optional)


  1. First I cut up the butternut squash, wrapped it in aluminum foil and placed it in the oven at 400F. While the squash was roasting, I prepared the pasta. I mixed 1 egg with 3.5 oz of flour a pinch of salt and a spoon of oil in the food processor. When the pasta was well kneaded I placed under a cup to rest. I then started working on the filling. I blended the butternut squash with parmesan, salt, pepper, sage and nutmeg. Finally, using my pasta maker, I rolled the pasta out into two long strips of pasta. I placed a strip of pasta over my ravioli maker and filled the holes with the butternut squash filling. I then bent the rest of the pasta strip over the half ravioli and then pressed a pin roll to seal the ravioli. Finally, I took the ravioli out of the ravioli maker and placed them on a abundantly floured wooden tray. If you don't have a ravioli maker use a pasty cutter or a knife to cut the ravioli.
  2. Cook the ravioli as usual in simmering water (if the boil is too strong they will break) and dress them simply with grated parmesan and browned butter in which you have roasted some sage and possibly a whole garlic clove.

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11 Responses to Simple butternut squash ravioli

  1. ping says:

    You make it sound so simple! I have some mashed butternut squash in the freezer. Oh, I know I have to make this soon. I hope my pasta turns out right. Wish me luck! 🙂

    • PolaM says:

      I’m sure it will turn out perfect! If you are planning on using a rolling pin to roll out the dough, I heard that adding a bit extra egg makes the dough more stretchable and helps greatly in getting a thin pasta sheet…

      • ping says:

        Thanks for the tip. I do have a pasta roller that I’d bought some time ago and not have the courage to attempt making my own pasta. I guess this a good time as any to start trying.

      • PolaM says:

        If you have a pasta roller, then you can do it no problem especially if you do a small batch! Let the dough relax for 1/2 hour before starting to roll it through the machine, make sure the stuffing is relatively dry, the pasta is as thin as possible (last setting of the machine), and you flour the surface where you put your ravioli to rest after they are done and you will have wonderful ravioli!

  2. Katherine Martinelli says:

    This looks so delicious!! I love butternut squash ravioli and these are amazing! Thanks for linking up 🙂

  3. PolaM says:

    @Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny My favorites. They are an old recipe, but I had to post it!!

  4. Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny says:

    Pumpkin ravioli?! What a brilliant idea, this sounds delicious!! 🙂

  5. Pola says:

    Glad you enjoy this! Let me know how it goes!

  6. gabry says:

    Che bello, mi piace.
    Me lo leggerò man mano.
    lo aggiungerò nelle letture quando curioso nelle letture dei miei siti di hobby.

  7. Carina-Kitchen Groovy says:

    I love simple and homemade! It's not as intimidating to try! Thank you!!!

  8. DeniseB says:

    I can't wait to try this…it sounds good and pretty simple to make. I have been wanting to try making some since it is expensive to buy. Thanks for the recipe!

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