As some of you might have noticed, blogger has been down since at least last afternoon. As a consequences some posts have currently been removed by the almighty Google, including the award post. They claim they will restore all the posts soon. My 2 newest posts are still showing problems and the line-up of posts I had created yesterday for the next few days has disappeared. It seems they still haven’t restored my page to it’s newest version.

Please bear with me while I wait for the next development on this black-out….
I wish all blogger users out there good luck with recovering their content! Hopefully we will all get all our content back soon!

Still not back and blogger is still claiming they are working on our posts….

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7 Responses to Blogger

  1. Paolo says:

    In my case everything went back to normal. It took Blogger over a week, but luckily there was no data loss. I hope that this is the case for everyone else as well. I'm doing my own backups more frequently now 🙂

  2. The Cilantropist says:

    Hi Pola! You are right, the post where you received your lovely award has been deleted, so I thought I would comment here to say congratulations!!! Also a big thanks for passing this award on to me – and heres to hoping blogger gets fixed soon and restores your post! 😉

  3. Manu says:

    Ohhh I really hope they restore ALL your content soon… it must be so frustrating after all the work you have done!!! C'mon blogger!!!

  4. Pola says:

    @ Tiffany: my blog is not yet back to normal and blogger says they are still working on bringing the posts back on… let's hope they make it…

  5. Tiffany says:

    Hopefully everything's worked out now!!!

  6. Paolo says:

    I'm still missing some content, including your comment on my article on rice. Let's hope that they restore everything like they said they would have.

  7. Seems like some are up and running and others are still waiting… hopefully all your content will be posted again!

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