Ugly little bentos

Today I should get to the seaside. I will be enjoying the sun and the sea for the next 5 days or so and possibly do something adventurous like deep water soling or maybe I will just lie on the beach…

Anyway, back to food. When I came back from San Francisco I told you about how I discovered bentos and I had been kind of obsessed with them. Well, I haven’t bought tons of bentos or started makingthose cute bentos you see on bento-dedicated blogs, but I do have made some lunch to take to school. And here are the pics.

Pasta salad made with pasta, goat cheese, tomatoes and herbs. The goat cheese melted so nicely onto the pasta and it made the dish super creamy and delicious!

Here is rice salad, boiled egg shaped as a star, plum and apricot. It is bearely noticeable, but I attempted to give eyes, ears and a mouth to the rice bears….Of course the result is less than extraordinary, but it did taste good!

This is just grilled chicken, lima beans and diced tomatoes. This was a diet lunch, so no dressing.

And finally one of my guilty pleasures: tomatoes, goat cheese and home made whole wheat bread. There is something about spreading goat cheese on tomatoes that I just love.

What do you pack to take to work for lunch?

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5 Responses to Ugly little bentos

  1. Nuts about food says:

    I usually bring a mixed salad (with tuna or leftover chicken) or I make a chickpea salad or just eat whatever is leftover, which doesn't happen that much at our house.

  2. Biren @ Roti n Rice says:

    Your bentos look delicious, tasty, and healthy. I just started a bento group on Facebook. Here is the link if you are interested

  3. Katherine Martinelli says:

    These look great! When I worked in an office I brought lunch nearly every day, usually leftovers like Nami 🙂 We're trying to get better at having my husband take his lunch – eating out adds up so quickly! I'll use these as inspiration! Thanks.

  4. Sarah says:

    Love all that goat cheese up there! A guilty pleasure of mine too…

  5. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    Great to hear you are into bento making. It's much healthier choice. I pack my husband's lunch sometimes but he only gets leftover food from previous dinner. LOL. But he gets excited to eat it *again* so I'm happy. Next year I have to pack lunch for one of my kids – hopefully I can share more ideas then… 😉

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