Simple spicy pasta

Recently I have received a sample of all products from Ariosto seasoning. Ariosto is an Italian brand which produces different kind of seasonings.  As most Italians I was familiar with those for roasted potatoes, grilled fish and roasted meat, but I didn’t really know the ones for pasta. I tried the chili peppers and garlic seasoning and I was hooked. It was spicy and delicious. I made pasta 2 days in a row using it.

The seasoning is so good, that it is enough to pair it with good oil and well cooked pasta to have a winning meal. And this pasta above I made for lunch in the time needed to take a shower. Of course you can do your own mix of spices and reproduce the mix using chili powder and garlic and salt, but it’s going to be hard.

I know I’m sounding like a commercial, but although they send me the free samples, they are not paying me and these opinions are my own. If you are curious to try the product, you can find it online here and in specialty stores, particularly on the East Coast. For more info check out their website.

Simple spicy pasta

Simple spicy pasta


  • 3 oz. pasta
  • 10 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tsp capers
  • 1 tsp garlic and chili peppers Ariosto seasoning
  • Extra virgin olive oil


  1. Cook the pasta according to the box instructions.
  2. While the pasta is cooking wash the tomatoes and cut them in half. When the pasta is cooked drain it in a colander. Place the tomatoes, capers and seasoning in the hot pot. Mix in the pasta and add enough oil to coat it.
  3. Is going to be spicy and delicious both hot or cold.

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22 Responses to Simple spicy pasta

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  2. Sounds like a great weeknight pasta! And I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for those spices.

  3. Nick says:

    That looks awesome! I’m so glad I stumbled across this site – I shall have to return tomorrow and check through some recipes 😀

  4. Federica says:

    un piatto super!!!!!!!
    ci sei anche su facebook??

  5. A delicious dinner that’s not going to take an age to prepare…a complete winner in my book!

  6. Kiri W. says:

    I love the simplicity of this 🙂 Looks wholesome and so delicious. Well done!

  7. Shumaila says:

    I love the idea of chilli in pasta. Spicy (if not too overwhelming) always is a big hit with me.

  8. Cucina49 says:

    The pasta is lovely–I didn’t know anything about this brand of seasoning–thanks for sharing the information!

  9. Raymund says:

    Spicy, quick and pasta, those are the 3 keywords is what I look for in a good dish

  10. Natalia says:

    Un piatto davvero saporito.

  11. Alida says:

    Deliziosa questa pasta. Very nice dish indeed. Well done!

  12. Dara says:

    This looks so tasty. I love quick and simple pasta dishes, so comforting.

  13. I THOUGHT that was capers there! How wonderful to see somebody else cook with that!

  14. I love anything fresh and tasty that can be prepared in the time it takes to have a shower!

  15. Daniela says:

    Semplicemente favolosa!! Un abbraccio, buona settimana Daniela.

  16. Daniela says:

    Adoro la pasta, e questa nella sua semplicità e davvero favolosa. Un abbraccio, buona settimana Daniela.

  17. With recipes as simple and delicious as this, there’s no need to order in ever again! 😀

  18. Lauren says:

    Looks great! simple and tasty!

  19. I am starting to love pasta, and am learning about all the seasonings, etc to use for it. Thanks for the post, I will check this out.

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