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The best burger bun

We have all been guilty of using less than delicious hamburger buns and who can really blame us, who has the time to bake buns?? But let me tell you: try these buns and you will be hooked! They are … Continue reading

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World on a plate: Meatballs

Today is a day to remembers. Today 8 bloggers from around the world get together for the first time to start World on a Plate. World on a Plate is a monthly blogging event at which bloggers from around the … Continue reading

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Chayote Frittata

The last couple of times I went grocery shopping, I ended up at the Hmong farmers’ market. Where I live there is a huge Hmong community and they are by far the biggest presence at Farmers’ markets all around the … Continue reading

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Chicken bread pudding

The other day I had a couple of things that needed using. One was some home made chicken broth. Another one was stale bread. And then I also had some chicken salad. I hate throwing out food, so I started … Continue reading

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Recipe swap: Chicken Aspic

This is the first time of the Wednesday recipe swap and we are working on orange snowflake salad.  I have not really gotten into the new post routine at all. First I thought the swap was going on next week, … Continue reading

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