The secrets of lamb and a #giveaway

So this is going to be lamb week. For multiple reasons. First, sunday is Easter and Easter means lamb. Second, yesterday I went to a great class at kitchen in the market were I learned how to perfectly french a lamb rack. Third, the wonderful people of Mountain State Rosen contacted me and sent me a wonderful leg of Cedar Spring Lamb to cook. So this week I am going to post about lamb. Multiple times. Today I am going to start by talking about what I learned about frenching and cooking a rack of lamb and on Sunday I am going to post a recipe for leg of lamb.

And as I mentioned, there is also a giveaway! The wonderful people of Mountain State Rosen are giving away a $50 gift card for Lund’s. That is plenty of lamb (or anything else you’d want to buy). To participate just leave a comment below. You can get extra entries by liking Mountain State Rosen’s facebook page and by sharing this post on google, twitter, pinterest or facebook. If you share the post on a social network remember to mention me (@italianinthemidwest) so that I can thank you and to leave a separate comment below to get that extra entry. The giveaway will close at Midnight (CST) on Thursday April 4th. The giveaway is opened to anyone, but Lund’s is only present in Minnesot amaking it difficult for some of you to use the card,  so let me know if decide to opt out of the giveaway.

Lamb duo

As I said I went to this class about primal cuts. This time it was lamb and rabbit, next time it is going to be birds and finally there is cow class (I missed the pork one, but I am sure it was great). Chef Thomas of Corner Table taught us some great things on butchering. And some wonderful tricks about cooking lamb.

The art of butchering is difficult to explain without pictures, so I won’t bother you with meaningless descriptions of what we did, but I will show you a picture:

Frenching lamb

See that? That is how you french a lamb rack!

Yes, that is kitchen twine. And that is basically all you need to get perfectly cleaned ribs. This is what you do: first you cut out the meat by slicing with the knife as close to the bone as you can. Then you attache the twine to something fixed that won’t move (ideally something anchored in the wall. Finally, you wrap the twine around the base of the rib and you pull. The twine will strip all the flesh from the bone and you will have a perfectly clean lamb rib. And I suspect it might work on other animals bone too!

Aren’t these some gorgeous racks, all perfectly frenched?

Crusted lamb rack

As for the recipe of the duo, well that is for chef Thomas’ to disclose, but I will let you know that in that crust there are the trimmings from frenching the rack, plus herbs and breadcrumbs. And that crust is delicious!

Also while you wait for my lamb leg recipe to be posted on Sunday, here a couple of my recipes for lamb: stew, ragu‘ and something rather hearty….

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12 Responses to The secrets of lamb and a #giveaway

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  2. manda says:

    Great giveaway!

  3. Beautiful! Sounds like a great class!

  4. Diane Fluin says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of lamb, but you may sway me. That looks incredible!

  5. Gourmantine says:

    Those are beautiful racks of lamb, I’m currently hesitating between lamb and duck for Easter, and those racks are pulling me towards the side of lamb. Happy Easter! 🙂
    p.s. I’m going to opt out of the giveaway, being in Europe and all…

  6. What a beautiful lamb dish. 🙂

  7. Amanda Paa says:

    Great post! I have always wanted to take a class from Kitchen in the Market as they always do such interesting topics and this class looked to be just that. Lamb is such a beautiful piece of meat that I have started to make at home. I look forward to seeing the recipe from Chef Thomas!

  8. Melissa H says:

    Nice post! I love lamb and was thinking about taking that class too. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  9. ohiohiohi… then I will follow your posts! now that I am back to be a vegetarian who eats meat (;)) I truly am appealed by that lovely gourmet lamb… frenching? cool.

  10. Amber says:

    Yum! That looks delicious. 🙂

  11. Shawn says:

    SO gorgeous! I love lamb and what a perfect time of year for it!
    Look forward to your future post! 🙂

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