Homemade piadina: the best flatbread

And here I am going to tell you about the most wonderful of flatbreads: piadina. Piadina is a flatbread typical of the area known as Romagna which is located along the central-north west coast of Italy. It is typically used to make sandwiches filled with crudo and soft cheese (like squaccherone) or spinach and cheese, but tomatoes and mozzarella and other light fillings are also popular. I personally love it with some melty cheese, so that when I bite into it is starts oozing melty deliciousness.

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I always thought making piadina would have been a hard process, but I discovered is far easier than you would expect once you have good lard. The difficult part of making a piadina might be indeed to find good lard. And lard is vital to get a good flaky and soft piadina. I used to think it was not important whcih fat you used, but it is.

For the lard I went directly to the source. I went to a cooking class at kitchen in the market where we butchered a whole pig. I was lucky enough to get the leaf lard, which I rendered and used for making piadine. I have read somewhere that lard is not that unhealthy if it is rendered at home. Don’t know if it is true, but I decided I will believe it so I won’t feel guilty when I will use it again!

The piadine are best eaten fresh and hot, so if you are not cooking them all you can freeze the after having rolled them out. When you are ready to prepare them, cook them one at a time without thawing them.

My first homemade piadina: cannot wait to dig in!


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tbsp lard
  • pinch of salt
  • water


  1. Knead the flour and salt with the lard and enough water to make a smooth and pliable dough.
  2. Form a ball, wrap in plastic and place in the fridge to rest for an hour or so.
  3. Divide in two pieces and form two round balls. Flatten them out and roll two thin piadine (about 1/4 of an inch).
  4. Cook on an hot non stick pan turning it often and flattening the bubbles as they form.
  5. Serve filled with your favorite ham and cheese combo.

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  1. I think that if being a little unhealthy means you can enjoy a piadina, it is worth it. And it can’t be as unhealthy as some processed foods like flavored potato chips for eaxample!

  2. aaaand now I want some of this with spinach and goat cheese inside…YUM

  3. I’ve never heard of this bread. I must try it!

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