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Polenta con aringa mantecata

This dish is inspired by a traditional dish from the area of Venice: baccala mantecato (creamed stockfish). For this dish stockfish is cooked in milk until it reaches a creamy consistency. The creamed stockfish is then served on top of … Continue reading

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#SRC: Stuffed jalapenos

So today is SRC again. And this month I was assigned to the life and loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch. Grumpy’s Honeybunch is Shelby and she started the blog to leave a written record of who she is and what she … Continue reading

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Fromage fort

Why didn’t I find out before? As soon as I saw fromage fort on the smitten kitchen I knew I had to try making it. I had so many bits and pieces of cheese leftover and who doesn’t love a … Continue reading

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Cream-cheese and spelt galette filled with patty pan squash

And after the rant of last post, I will keep it brief. Today I present you with a patty pan squash galette made with a spelt crust. It is the first time I made a galette and I love how … Continue reading

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Zucchine tonde ripiene di quinoa

Before going onto today’s recipe for cheesy, quinoa stuffed round zucchini let me go on a rant I have bottled up for quite sometime on the blogging world. Is a rant inspired by what are known as “haters” which frankly … Continue reading

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