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#WorldOnAPlate: grilling

And we get to the third round of world on a plate. For those of you that missed the first two rounds, World on a Plate is a monthly blogging event at which bloggers from around the world get together … Continue reading

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Chicken bread pudding

The other day I had a couple of things that needed using. One was some home made chicken broth. Another one was stale bread. And then I also had some chicken salad. I hate throwing out food, so I started … Continue reading

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Recipe swap: Chicken Aspic

This is the first time of the Wednesday recipe swap and we are working on orange snowflake salad.  I have not really gotten into the new post routine at all. First I thought the swap was going on next week, … Continue reading

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Gnocchi and meatballs

The other weekend I had a guest over for the weekend, a red haired, little gourmand that happily ate everything I cooked for her. She had eggplants and tofu pasta and pork rolls stuffed with apples and prunes and apparently loved it … Continue reading

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Olive stuffed Cornish hen

What do you do when you have a lot of leftover pumpernickel bread? You use it for stuffing! And since the bread in question is quite tasty, you need to pair it with rather bold flavors. So I choose to … Continue reading

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