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Hashcrawl for hashcapades

So I have had the honor of being selected to organize an hashcapade in Madison for “50 cities 50 hashes “. I immediately decided to organize an hashcrawl. So I contacted some local yelpers and got an amazing response! We … Continue reading


Auntie’s Corner: veal roast in pizza dough

So I missed another post. And I barely have any excuse apart from the usual work stuff. 🙁 So, once again please forgive me! I swear I am trying to do my best! Anyway, today I’m back and I am … Continue reading


Guest Post at Chef Dennis

Today I am guest posting over at the fabulous blog of Chef Dennis! I am so thrilled to be posting for a REAL chef!! I am sure all of you know him already and follow his precious Ask Chef Dennis Series, but … Continue reading


Guest post at the German Foodie

Today I am guest posting for Sofie at the German Foodie. I was very honored that Sofie asked me to take over her blog for a day while she enjoys some time off. I started following Sofie, a couple of … Continue reading


Guest Post with Just One Cookbook: Japanese Potato Salad

Today, I should be somewhere between Cambodia and Thailand in a natural park where I will hopefully see elephants and other animals as well as beautiful waterfalls and vegetation. And today I present you Nami from Just One Cookbook. I … Continue reading