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Lentils and rice

Today I’m posting a simple recipe for when you want something wholesome. It’s a simple rice and lentils dish, made interesting by the addition of a bit of Indian ginger and garlic paste. It is perfect for a quick dinner … Continue reading

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Passatelli in brodo

Here is still cold. Not bitterly cold like last week, but cold enough to appreciate good comfort food. Also, I had leftover homemade beef broth which I really did not want to trow out. But what should I cook? Inspired … Continue reading

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Onion soup

I haven’t done much cooking last week. Between the semi-empty fridge, the getting back in my US life and the starting to work again, it just seemed like I could only throw together something at the very last minute. In … Continue reading

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Pappa col pomodoro

One of the Tuscan dishes most popular and appreciated in Italy, la pappa col pomodoro is a┬átomato and bread soup that takes a very thick consistency. La pappa is so popular it even has a song dedicated to it. Pappa … Continue reading

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One of my favorite summer thing is fresh produce. And what better way of eating fresh produce than having them when they are super flavorful and enjoy their freshness raw? An that is exactly what gazpacho is. Fresh flavorful veggies … Continue reading

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