Cooked in Translation

Welcome to “Cooked in Translation”! Once a month on the third Wednesday we interpret a classic international dish through the lens of our own or another culinary tradition.

The hosting blogger determines the dish of the month and initiates the blog hop. The blog hop is open to anybody. If you have a recipe that fits the theme of the month, link it up! We would love to see your take.

The Admins reserve the right to reject any entries that don’t conform to the rules. The dish of the month is posted in advance to our closed FB group (you can apply to join any time!). Dishes are tweeted with the #cookedintranslation hashtag after posting at by noon EST on the third Wednesday of the month.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me by clicking the email icon on the right of the page.

Cook/bake, enjoy and share!

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Group rules

The purpose of this group is to interpret classic, authentic ethnic recipes through other culinary traditions.

Therefore, all posts need to follow this short, easy set of rules:

  1. The hosting blogger selects the original dish the month prior to the blog hop. If possible, he/she will post some links to recipes so others can get an idea of the dish.
  2. The other participating bloggers will interpret the dish through their own culinary tradition or any other tradition they choose. As long as you make a fusion version of the original, the post will fit the criteria. It is up to the blogger to choose how to interpret the dish. Example: The hosting blogger picks “mac & cheese”. An Italian version of this dish could be made in a white lasagna style w/o meat. Or the hosting blogger picks “chicken curry”. A German version of this dish could be made as a “Geschnetzeltes” with a cream sauce.
  3. Bloggers merely posting another version of the original dish w/o any significant changes will be asked to make changes for the next post. Repeat “offenders” will be asked to leave the group.
  4. If you would like to host a month’s event, contact PolaM. Hosts will be announced prior to the following month’s event.
  5. The posts of the hosts are to go live by noon EST the THIRD WEDNESDAY of each month.
  6. Bloggers that want to join the fun can do so by linking a new or old recipe. The blog hop is open until the end of each month.
  7. Entries are tweeted with the #cookedintranslation hashtag.

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