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Pasta coi cavolini di Brussels

I have received an invitation to participate in this blogging competition and I decided to make pasta with Brussels sprouts. The theme of the competition is Mediterranean style recipes, so I decided to compete with my take on “orecchiette con le cime … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Mushroom soup

Today I am late… I just got back from DC and I had planned to post at the airport, but with the perfect storm coming, everyone decided to leave DC ASAP and everyone was using the airport wireless network…. the … Continue reading

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Rich cornbread

So the other day I wanted to cook something brunchy and as usual I started by looking at what I had in my pantry and tried to figure out what I could put together. And I saw some cornbread mix, … Continue reading

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Recipe exchange and pork loin

I disappeared for a while, but I guess that’s not a big problem, as I am sure you can find a lot of other recipe online much better than mines…. Anyway I was invited to participate in a recipe exchange … Continue reading

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