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Sourdough English muffins

I have a couple of new babies in the fridge that I have to care for. I have a 4 weeks old sourdough starter and two 3 weeks old yogurt cultures. And also have an embryo of a vinegar mother … Continue reading

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Homemade bread rolls

Lately, I have decided that there is no reason why I shouldn’t have some great bread rolls always at hand. After all I can just prepare them and freeze them and they will be ready to eat whenever I want. … Continue reading

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Charcuterie plate

Today I’m giving you a non recipe. This is just a platter of somewhat artistically arranged stuff. But for the same plate you can get charged about between $10 and $20 in any restaurant. And that is for a plate … Continue reading

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Olive stuffed Cornish hen

What do you do when you have a lot of leftover pumpernickel bread? You use it for stuffing! And since the bread in question is quite tasty, you need to pair it with rather bold flavors. So I choose to … Continue reading

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A hearty sandwich

The other day we were watching our favorite travel channel TV show: Bizarre Foods. We love Andrew Zimmern’s humor and  enjoy watching him explore curious food. Anyway, on that episode he showed culinary students how to cook heart. Everyone then … Continue reading

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