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Red wine poached pears with yogurt and pumpkin seeds

Today just a quick recipe, that can work as a dessert, breakfast or afternoon snack: yogurt with red wine poached pears and pumpkin seeds. I made it a couple of weeks ago with a pear that was past its primes, … Continue reading

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Sourdough English muffins

I have a couple of new babies in the fridge that I have to care for. I have a 4 weeks old sourdough starter and two 3 weeks old yogurt cultures. And also have an embryo of a vinegar mother … Continue reading

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Hashcrawl for hashcapades

So I have had the honor of being selected to organize an hashcapade in Madison for “50 cities 50 hashes “. I immediately decided to organize an hashcrawl. So I contacted some local yelpers and got an amazing response! We … Continue reading

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Apple and rolled grains cake

Today is sweet time. But is a pretty healthy sweet made of wholesome grains and a lot of fruit. A perfect way to start your mornings. This cake has rolled grains, 10 grains “grits”, apples, raisins and walnuts. All . … Continue reading

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Chocolate and coconut oil cake

This recipe is the result of fixating on having to try to bake with coconut oil. I looked around for a recipe that would satisfy me, but I have found none. So I adapted my basic olive oil cake recipe … Continue reading

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