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#WorldOnAPlate: Buttercup squash and sweet potatoes gnocchi

So today  it is World on a Plate and we are doing Dumplings! Yeah I know we did dumplings last month, but some of us didn’t make it and the theme was so good, we decided to do a repeat. … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Roman Dumplings

Today I am proposing the recipe for Roman Dumplings AKA gnocchi alla romana. Gnocchi alla romana are a rather unknown version of gnocchi that is very popular in Italy, especially among kids. I remember loving them and looking forward to … Continue reading

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Gnocchi and meatballs

The other weekend I had a guest over for the weekend, a red haired, little gourmand that happily ate everything I cooked for her. She had eggplants and tofu pasta and pork rolls stuffed with apples and prunes and apparently loved it … Continue reading

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Polenta gnocchi with savoy cabbage and cheese

Yesterday I had to make use of some of my leftover polenta from my dinner with friends. Now there are a lot of things you can do with leftover polenta, that mainly involve baking it with some sort of meat … Continue reading

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