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Traditions revisited: lentil burgers

So I am back. Or at least I will try to be back. Last semester at work was crazy with teaching and research and I decided to take a break from the blog. I want this blog to be a … Continue reading

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Healthy burger and fries

Sometimes I want to cook something that is quick but is not meat or pasta. Something healthy and possibly vegetarian, but not quite rabbit food like salad. And more often than not I feel like I am always eating the … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Lentils for new year

For this month’s edition of cooked in translation we decided to use as a theme new years. The theme is auspicious food for a prosperous new year and I choose lentils. According to traditions, lentils bring money if eaten on … Continue reading

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Lentils and rice

Today I’m posting a simple recipe for when you want something wholesome. It’s a simple rice and lentils dish, made interesting by the addition of a bit of Indian ginger and garlic paste. It is perfect for a quick dinner … Continue reading

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Happy new year!

New year starts today and everyone wishes for a lucky year: health, happiness and money. Well I have a secret about the money part. Apparently if you eat lentils on Jan 1st you’re going to get money! I always make … Continue reading

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