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Pasta salad with Swiss chard pesto

Today I am posting a cold pasta salad. This recipe is perfect for the warmer months to come and it makes large use of Swiss chard in its pesto, so it is perfect for those of you who receive a … Continue reading

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#SundayPasta: testaroli

After a long break, I am bringing back Sunday pasta. And today I am proposing a rather unusual pasta: testaroli. Testaroli are typical of Liguria and in some ways they are closer to pancakes than to your usual pasta. To … Continue reading

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Sunday Pasta: Trofie

And here we are for the second installment of my pasta series. This time I moved to Liguria and I made trofie. Trofie are typically served with the staple of every Ligurian home: pesto. Trofie are easy to shape and … Continue reading

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Eggplant pesto

Before eggplants disappear from our pantries for the season, I’ll give you a simple recipe for an eggplant pesto inspired by the eggplant and walnut cream proposed by Giulia on her wonderful website Alterkitchen. I used thai eggplant and used it … Continue reading

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Barley with pesto

AKA my favorite summer dish. It is simple which helps when it’s hot and you don’t feel like cooking for ages, it is good, it is light and can be prepared ahead and served cold. What else would you want … Continue reading

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