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#CookedInTranslation: green beans sformato

Today is cooked in translation day and as usual I am posting late… Sorry! It is just a crazy time! But I have good news!! I am not ready to disclose them yet, but let just say the last few … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Turkey Roast with Root Vegetables

And once again we are ready for Thanksgiving and for the monthly appointment with World on a Plate. This month we are playing with Turkey. We thought we will give you an idea of how Turkey can be cooked around … Continue reading

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#RecipeSwap: Russian salad

This month Christianna proposed us to swap the recipe for Russian salad. Now Russian salad exist also in Italy, but it is a slightly different dish than it is over here. For us, Russian salad is an appetizer often served … Continue reading

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#CookedInTranslation: tunaloaf

Every month a group of food bloggers gets together at cooked in translation to make a fusion version of a popular dish. The idea is for participating bloggers to interpret the recipe according to their cultural heritage. This month’s host Soni proposed to … Continue reading

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Gnocchi and meatballs

The other weekend I had a guest over for the weekend, a red haired, little gourmand that happily ate everything I cooked for her. She had eggplants and tofu pasta and pork rolls stuffed with apples and prunes and apparently loved it … Continue reading

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