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Lamb ragu’

Back in the US, I am now trying to get back into the rhythm of things. Home, work, friends, blogging and sleeping. I like the first few days of jet lag because I can wake up really early and get … Continue reading

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Home-made rustic balsamic mustard

Today I am baking a brisket. It was more or less pre-made, meaning I only have to bake it as it was already marinated and everything, so I cannot claim any merit for it. But I decided to make some … Continue reading

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Ragù alla bolognese

Just finished having some leftover polenta with some leftover ragu’…mmmmmmmhhhh awesome. Yesterday I was thinking I should cook proper ragu’ and bake lasagne more often. I remember when my mom did lasagne for lunch and the 3 of us kids … Continue reading

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