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#WorldOnAPlate: Buttercup squash and sweet potatoes gnocchi

So today  it is World on a Plate and we are doing Dumplings! Yeah I know we did dumplings last month, but some of us didn’t make it and the theme was so good, we decided to do a repeat. … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Roman Dumplings

Today I am proposing the recipe for Roman Dumplings AKA gnocchi alla romana. Gnocchi alla romana are a rather unknown version of gnocchi that is very popular in Italy, especially among kids. I remember loving them and looking forward to … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Lentils for new year

For this month’s edition of cooked in translation we decided to use as a theme new years. The theme is auspicious food for a prosperous new year and I choose lentils. According to traditions, lentils bring money if eaten on … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Turkey Roast with Root Vegetables

And once again we are ready for Thanksgiving and for the monthly appointment with World on a Plate. This month we are playing with Turkey. We thought we will give you an idea of how Turkey can be cooked around … Continue reading

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#WorldOnAPlate: Mushroom soup

Today I am late… I just got back from DC and I had planned to post at the airport, but with the perfect storm coming, everyone decided to leave DC ASAP and everyone was using the airport wireless network…. the … Continue reading

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