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Zucchine tonde ripiene di quinoa

Before going onto today’s recipe for cheesy, quinoa stuffed round zucchini let me go on a rant I have bottled up for quite sometime on the blogging world. Is a rant inspired by what are known as “haters” which frankly … Continue reading

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Pasta alla ricotta e zucchine

Here the first recipe after the break. I like to start slowly, so I am going to go with a simple pasta recipe. One of those recipes that has about 5 ingredients and you can whip together in the time … Continue reading

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#SRC: Zucchini Oven Fritters

And it is once again time for the Secret Recipe Club reveal. I have to confess this is one of my favorite monthly appointments. It is so much fun tteh This time I was assigned to Lisa’s blog Cook Lisa … Continue reading

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Celebration and a simple pasta with zucchini and chili garlic oil

And so it finally happened. I graduated and in the last two weeks there where all sorts of celebrations: a quick trip to the west coast, commencement with the hooding ceremony and a very special manicure showing my true colors … Continue reading

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Rice noodles with zucchini and chayote

Did I already say that I am busy lately? Well this week BF is away for work and that business has taken a whole new meaning. You see when BF is around I try to stick to a reasonable schedule … Continue reading

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